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The Float rides up and down the column as changes in liquid level occurs. Magnets in the float actuate the magnetic sensing switches positioned in the column.

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S T Plastikon Ltd is the dominant leader in Cyprus, manufacturing Storage Tanks, Heating Oil and Chemicals, Garbage Bins as well as Road Barriers, Industrial Trolleys, Solar Water Heaters and Solar Collector Systems. They have their own compounding and pulverizing facilities as well as Rotational Moulding Machines.

Compass Counseling provides compassionate mental health care, treating a wide variety of conditions. We have more than a dozen highly trained counselors with a variety of specializations to meet every need. Contact us with any questions.

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The fully-lined Solo Sullivan Briefcase Messenger is made with cotton and leatherette. The center padded compartment has a pocket that protects laptops up to 15.6”, a dedicated tablet / eReader pocket and a big space for your files.

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